Wind Shield Dead Cat Blimp


Wind Shield Dead Cat Blimp

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  • High adjustment: comes with “Dead Whobat”, holds most shotgun microphones with a length of up to 12.75 inches (325 mm), the diameter should be between 19 and 22 mm, such as Rode Blimp Rode NTG4; designed to minimize outdoor handling and wind noise when recording
  • High Configuration: Built-in Rycote suspension system with internal spacing guide and Mogami cable with neutral and Switchcraft XLR connectors, metal buttons extend the life; plastic buttons on the market can be easily damaged
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY INSTALLATION: With the new lightweight design, the handle and suspension system is 25% lighter than before (550g without microphone); very easy to install and remove, just slide over the microphone for full wind protection when filming, saving time
  • High comfort: the integrated DUPONT nylon handle is better than other BLIMPs on the market, more comfortable to hold and the rubber holder is more durable and stable, rubber bands on the market can easily break;
  • High quality: working temperature from -40°C to 60°C.
Wind Shield Dead Cat Blimp